Ten Reasons For Hardship In Africa

Life is a period of time, as kids, we would want to grow up and experience what adulthood entailed. We would envy adults and think that life is awesome being all grown up. Then, we grow up realizing that life isn’t so fancy free as we thought. It’s hard. We had it easy at childhood because the obstacles on our way were conveniently removed by our parents. We had a smooth walk in the path of life thinking that it’s so easy to live. But as fully-grown adults, we now face the reality and struggles of life. Below; are some reasons for the hardships we face as Africans;

It’s difficult making money

In Africa, unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, there is no other possible way that you can make money without working a job or building your own business. First of all, getting employed isn’t an easy solution in Africa, it takes patience and a lot of determination. Being employed too is not a good way to make much money. The law of economics says that entrepreneurs get majority of the profits and workers only earn a survival wage, which more or less is the case in the modern African economy despite some hard-won improvements in terms of salaries and working conditions of the workers. Building a job isn’t easy either. You exchange your most valuable asset (time) for money. Time is life .If you don’t want to work a job, you must build a business but it’s hard to pick a business to start. Even when you make the right business choice, building a business is risky. There’s the nagging uncertainty as to whether you will be able to make it or not.

Unfavorable Policies

In Africa, governments, corporations, media, and religions are created and utilized by some people who want to get ahead in life at the expense of others.The government strangles civilians with taxes, police force, and intelligence .There’s only one goal of corporations; Profits. Everything they do is in the name of profits and nothing else. They constantly push consumerism down the throats of others. If the public believes that they will be happy by consuming more, corporations profit. Religions are not any different, from governments and cooperations. A small number of people profit from religions where the sheep who follow them gain nothing but lose their resources; time, assets and money. The mainstream media don’t fall out either, they only care about profits and sometimes they are tools for the bigger corporations, political parties and religious bodies to push their agenda. Many people believe that the mainstream media is there to educate them but nothing could be further from the truth.


In Africa, the percentage of illiterates surpass that of the literates. Ignorance is a major contributor to the hardships most people living in Africa face. Ignorant people are guaranteed to be miserable. Unfortunately, school education isn’t a solution to ignorance. The problem with educated people is that while they may be less ignorant than the uneducated, their beliefs are sometimes formed by the lies they are told .I know many people who believe they are educated but the education they receive comes from the propaganda (government, corporations, religion, mainstream media) and their families with partly being lies. This is why the majority of educated people are miserable. They think they are well educated but in reality, they are just a tad less ignorant than the uneducated. The truth is often ugly but it’s necessary for a well-lived life. The masses never learn the truth about anything that matters in life.


Civilization is great but it comes with its downsides. It’s impossible to run a civilized society without people having to forego some of their desires because the desires of the individuals conflict with each other. For example, if a man marries 10 women, the left out 9 men would revolt. So, civilization has to enforce monogamy, or otherwise, it’s not sustainable. The life of most people in modern Africa is scripted before they were born. There are powerful societal systems in place so that it’s extremely difficult to stray from the pre-scripted life of “be born – go to school – get a job – get married – have kids – retire – die”.


Humans are selfish by nature. Nobody wants you to live an extraordinary life. Africa, today operates in crabs in a bucket mentality. When you try to get out of the bucket, people will reach up and pull you down.

Outdated genetic conditioning

The African continent is changing faster than ever. It’s hard to keep up. Just 50 years ago, Africans lived completely different lives than we do now. Our genes are outdated. We aren’t evolved to live with technology, television, the internet, too much leisure time on your hands, an abundance of food, physical inactivity, and a flexible routine. While the technological advancements made life more comfortable for humans, they also set us up for lots of traps. Technology, most importantly smartphones, hurt real-life human relationships. Social media and video games suck up your energy (that you desperately need) to succeed in real life. Too much leisure drives people into drug and alcohol abuse. Physical inactivity makes people weak. The abundance of food makes people fat. Not having a routine deprives you of discipline.

The unfairness of life

Life being unfair is nothing new, it’s by design. Life has always been unfair and always will be. Those at the top take all and the remaining majority settle for the scraps. Moreover, you don’t get to pick your genetics, the country you were born in, your parents, and the environment you grow up; all of which play their parts in the trajectory of your life.

Emotional entanglment.

Emotions have their upsides and their downsides. As humans, we’ve got an emotional system—like it or not. Human emotions are deeply rooted within ourselves, this has important adaptive functions. Consider anxiety: I’m guessing that you don’t love feeling anxious. But anxiety exists because it is so adaptive. Anxiety motivates people to get themselves out of dangerous situations. For example, you almost slipped while hiking and almost fall off a cliff, you might feel anxious. And that anxiety will keep you away from the edge of the cliff moving forward. Negative emotions are deeply rooted in us also—like it or not.

It’s not so easy to get along

Wouldn’t it be peachy if everyone always got along in all groups? That would be great. But did you ever notice that this is not how things go?

There are tons of reasons based on human evolution that account for this fact: In each group, each individual has his or her own interests at stake and these only align partly with the interests of the broader group or the interests of others within the group. This goes back to people all having toa splash of selfishness embedded in them. Further, Africans tend to have dominance hierarchies that emerge in many group contexts. So just like in a pack of dogs, people in a group will work to reach the top of the totem pole while stepping on the backs of others to get there and trying to bring down those above them.

It’s hard to find people worthy of good relationships

Everyone desires a healthy, attractive, and grounded partner. These people exist but they are rare, which makes them high in demand and, as a result, hard to attain. Most people have to settle for less desirable partners because that’s the best they can do. Same goes for friendship. It’s hard to have high-quality friends because high quality people are rare and they are also high in demand. It doesn’t help that modern technology dilutes the quality of human relationships .In the past, you had to build a social circle by meeting people in real life but now it only takes a click and a simple text message to meet a stranger on the internet. Relationships that lasted for decades are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Hook up culture, smartphones and the internet makes it easier to reach sex but harder to pair bond.

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