Top 10 Airport Rankings; Africa 2021

Airports are a fundamental part of any country’s economy. Most importantly, they are usually the first impression of foreigners visiting a country for the first time. Therefore, each country must ensure that its airport provides the best travel experience for all passengers.

As the African continent is committed to attracting global investment and stimulating economic growth, Africa has made significant progress in developing airports to international standards.Year after year, the best airports are still those that meet the main needs of customers, such as high-quality customer service, Internet, telephone services, transportation services, reception chairs, banking services, exchange services, and easy-to-navigate terminals. The following is a list of the 10 best airports in Africa 2021

1. Oliver Tambo International Airport.

Oliver Tambo International Airport established in 1952, the O.R. Tambo is the largest and busiest airport in Africa, with an annual passenger flow of more than 21 million passengers. The airport provides comfort to more than 50% of South African air passengers. The airport was named in honor of South Africa’s greatest founding fathers: Oliver Reginald Tambo

2. Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport

Casablanca Airport, also known as Mohammed V International Airport, is located in Casablanca, Morocco, and is the main airport in Casablanca. In Morocco and Africa, it is one of the busiest airports and can carry passengers to many destinations in Africa and Europe, including parts of North America, South America, and Asia. The airport has facilities to provide passengers with a pleasant experience. Some of its services and facilities include lounges, barrier-free WiFi, mini-malls, restaurants, designated smoking rooms, medical facilities, prayer rooms, ATMs, currency exchange, and banking services.

3. Kigali International Airport

Kigali International Airport customer service is of great importance to its passengers, which is why it is featured here. The facilities there are top-notch, and the staff’s service, records, safety and protection are top-notch. Travelers often comment on how efficient, helpful and friendly the staff is to them. International aviation standards list it as one of the best airports to deal with fires

4. Seychelles International Airport

The other East African airport on the list is Seychelles International Airport. It is located on Victoria Mahe Island in Seychelles. It is the main airport of Seychelles and receives most of the country’s domestic and international flights. The airport has two terminals, one for domestic travel and the other for international travel. The airport provides Wi-Fi, including loading ports, designated smoking areas, showers, restaurants and rest areas.

5. Cairo International Airport

It is the international airport of Cairo and the busiest airport in Egypt. It is the main hub for Egypt Air, Express, Nile Air, and several other airlines. The airport is located in Heliopolis, northeast of Cairo, approximately 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from the city’s business district and covers an area of approximately 37 square kilometers (14 square miles). It is the second busiest airport in Africa, after OR Tambo International Airport in Africa

6. Port Elizabeth International Airport

Port Elizabeth International Airport, now known as David Stuhlman International Airport, is a well-known airport in Africa and South Africa. Port Elizabeth International Airport is located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa and is convenient for tourists. It receives airlines from British Airways, South African Airways, Qatar Airways, Safair, Mango and Kulula. Port Elizabeth International Airport aims to provide an excellent customer experience. There are maps, parking lots, retail stores, bars, cafes and transportation services.

7. Mauritius International Airport

Mauritius Airport is also known as Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, named after the first Prime Minister of Mauritius, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam is located in Port Louis, Plaine Magnien, and is the main airport for entry into Mauritius. It offers international travelers flights to other countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. Mauritius International Airport is characterized by a single passenger terminal, post office, currency exchange counter, public telephone booth, spa, tourist information center, prayer room and travel agency. In addition, bus, taxi and car rental services are also offered to reduce the burden of transporting passengers and luggage.

8. Cape Town International Airport,Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town International Airport is the main international gateway to Cape Town from South Africa and surrounding areas. It is the second busiest airport in the country and the third busiest airport in Africa. CPT Airport is approximately 12 miles (20 kilometers) from Cape Town’s city centre and serves domestic and international flights. It is the only airport in the Cape Town metropolitan area that provides regular passenger services.

9. King Shaka International Airport, Durban, South Africa

King Shaka International Airport opened in May 2010. This world-class facility offers many features to make your travel experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Shops and restaurants, banks and post offices are just some of the additional features that King Shaka International Airport offers. King Shaka International Airport is said to be three times larger than Durban International Airport, and the number of shops is five times that of Durban International Airport.

10. Sharm el-Sheikh International

Airport Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport is considered the second largest airport in Egypt (after Cairo). The airport handles approximately 10 million passengers each year. The airport is located in the center of the tourist area, close to the coast of the Red Sea.

By Alexander Asiedu Ofori

A passionate writer, content creator and a Pan-African

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