Common Life Mistakes With Greater Impacts on Our Lives

Life is a quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from the dead. However, I’d describe life has the invisible and unconscious feeling of continuous actions. Our lives are entangled around our conscious and unconscious constant motions that we sometimes don’t realize how we’re living it. Which ever way, we all thrive to be the best.

Life is ultimately the only quality on earth with a one chance affiliation; with no preparations, trails, or experiments, examinations, neither a notice nor an orientation. The one thing you know is “boom”, you’re born and the next thing; you’re living. Since there’s no maiden preparation towards having life, it is apparently impossible to do away with mistakes and afflictions.
To err is human, but despite the many mistakes we make as humans, below are those with greater impacts on our livelihood;

Making desires your top goal

Desires, like food; we almost every time feel an urge for it. Learning to do away with certain constant desires as they come is factually a step in the right direction towards attaining self freedom. Anyone without control over their timely desires is imprisoned by their own minds hence inhabiting their progress in life. Desires drain you of your time as well as distract you from your main course. Like the quote “The best of time to plant a tree was 25years ago”. Never allow your desires to hold you back because before you realize it might have been too late.

The Constant Struggle For Perfection

“Get busy living or busy dying”. Many people focuse all their energies, time and resource on perfection not realizing that, the most valuable things are slowly falling apart. Modern day societal norms teaches people that becoming an adorable standard is what the world would cheer you for. Honestly, no one really cares about you unless you’re making significant impacts on their lives. Generally, people turn to care about who is impacting them, giving them time, adoring them with gifts and being there for them during desperate times not how nice you look or how fancy you’re dressed. Their main interest is on what you can offer them and what influence you making on their lives. So instead of wasting time becoming the beauty standard, the fancily dressed or the most famous, rejuvenate all that time and energy developing your capabilities.

Forfeiting your roots

No matter how much a tree is flourishing, it can never do away with its roots. Like trees, same applies to human beings, you may be the most powerful, the most richest or whatsoever forfeiting your roots; those that supported you, those that made sacrifices for you to get to your desired place is the greatest mistake ever. Because you may have all it takes to be successful but without those who support and cheer you on being at the top would render you worthless. Your roots serve as the foundation on which you grow.

Unhealthy Friendship tides

You can never make it in life having unhealthy friendship tides. It is not without doubt that friendships have the greatest influence on us as individuals. Friends have the capacity to make or unmake you rather be around people who help you develop your potentials to their full capacity than those that turn to lay you off your tracks.


Patience is a virtue only great people posses. Slowly is the fastest way to get to where you want to be” and that everything in life would happen just as it is supposed to happen so be patient. There might be bumps, times you’ll feel like giving up but remember, “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance”

Being the best seldom comes with relaxation, therefore take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow your potentials. I skated, fell down and learned to pick myself up in front of millions.” – Michelle Kwan’s quoted. Joyce Brothers ones said “You need to give yourself permission to be human.” Till we realize that perfection is far from our reach, we’re not living. We’ll begin understanding and appreciating life more and more when we do away with perfection. “Life is beautiful when you are you” not withholding your inherent flaws. Mistakes like air; is inevitable, we can’t live without them

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