Top Investment Opportunities & Great Business Ideas To Start in Africa (Part 1)

The economies of African countries are developing rapidly and the consumer market is becoming more and more mature. There are many investment and business opportunities in Africa. Investors, entrepreneurs and business typhoons are seeking profitable business ideas with minimal risk. Below provides a careful look at the best investment and business opportunities in Africa.

Manufacturing of Packaged Food, Food Processing plants and Packaged foods in Africa

There are two reasons that make food processing and packaged food manufacturing such a profitable business in Africa:

First, with the increase in population and urbanization, consumer demand is increasing. There are more urban customers who have the budget to buy packaged food. For example, in Nigeria alone, more than 100 million people live in urban areas.

Second, most packaged foods are imported from other countries. Insufficient supply in the domestic market and lack of competition. In Zambia, Trade Kings Group implemented a confectionery manufacturing strategy in Zambia and occupied an important market share in the market.

African entrepreneurs can invest in the packaged food industry by building a fully integrated manufacturing plant. The raw materials are processed in the first mechanical line. The food is then prepared through cooking or special recipes. Finally, the packer prepares the final product, ready for distribution and sale.

Large and colorful light bulb sketch surrounded by smaller business icons and words drawn on a concrete wall.

Milling Corn and Wheat & Corn and wheat Processing Plant

Corn and wheat are two important nutritional cereals for the population. Both crops have high yields and are sold in many African countries. Corn flour (also known as ugali, ngima, obusuma, mealie meal) are massively consumed by customers in Eastern and Southern Africa.

The following three reasons make the corn and wheat flour milling business a very profitable opportunity in the African countries of Western Sahara:

Many African countries have grown corn and wheat. Raw materials can be obtained at a reasonable price.

Second, consumers have great taste for corn flour and wheat flour. As the population increases, so does consumer demand. In Tanzania, ugali (corn flour) is a traditional dish that is eaten every day.

Third, the operation of operating the mill is not very complicated. The machines used in the factory are durable, and workers can work after some training.

All African businessmen and women entrepreneurs can engage in flour milling business. The only requirements are flat terrain and power supply. Corn and wheat come from local farmers in rural areas. The final product is packaged according to your needs (1 kg – 5 kg – 10 kg – 50 kg).

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