Top Investment Opportunities & Great Business Ideas To Start in Africa (Part 2)

Installation of Solar Street lights & Solar LED Street lights

Thanks to the better energy efficiency of solar panels and LED bulbs, solar street lighting technology has become very efficient. In African countries, solar street lights are a better solution than traditional street lights for the following reasons:

Many African countries are experiencing power shortages on their national grids. Installing traditional streetlights can exacerbate this shortage.

Solar street lights do not require infrastructure such as connection to the national grid or regular maintenance. Solar street lights are very easy to install and operate. Governments and international organizations have invested heavily in renewable energy.

There are many government incentives to install renewable technologies in daily life.

To invest in the solar street light business, African entrepreneurs must reach an agreement with solar street light manufacturers. Then they receive training on how to install them. They can participate in national tenders or they can install solar LED street lights in private places like residential areas, factories, warehouses and recreational areas.

Large and colorful light bulb sketch surrounded by smaller business icons and words drawn on a concrete wall.

Installation of Solar Water Heater

Solar water heating technology provides free hot water for domestic and industrial facilities. After the first installation, the family can use hot water for free, with the lowest maintenance cost.

The solar water heater comes with its own packaging and is very easy to install. This is why you should invest in solar water heaters: The average number of sunny days in Africa is very high. Many countries are exposed to direct sunlight throughout the year, and there is no icing problem. This is a relatively affordable technology.

Many homes and businesses will need solar water heaters. Installation does not require deep technical knowledge. After training employees for 3 days, you can manage the installation of new equipment. African businessmen and women entrepreneurs should look at this profitable business model. The solar water heaters provided must have a warranty and must be provided by a reputable manufacturer

Water purification system

Water treatment and purification are very important in Africa. Many people have limited access to safe water and there is great potential to provide safe water for their families. There are many technologies for water filtration, and equipment varies by size and capacity.

Many remote villages lack clean water supplies. The government and international aid organizations provide funds for the construction of a clean water supply system. Middle class families prefer to filter tap water in African cities. There are small household water purifiers that can be sold to African consumers. Through the inspection and maintenance of the regular water treatment system, there are additional sources of income. For example, revenue can be generated through initial system sales and contract maintenance plans.

More and more African companies are interested in providing water purification services. They can work with international participants and act as your local distributors and service centers.

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