Top Investment Opportunities & Great Business Ideas To Start in Africa (Part 4)

Distribution of Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics is becoming increasingly popular in Africa. Consumer electronic products can be divided into home appliances, TVs, smart phones, personal computers and other accessories.

Africa’s demand for various electronic products is increasing. Many countries have switched to 4G networks and digitization is underway. The adoption of technology and electronic devices by young people in Africa is huge. Due to the more efficient and large-scale production methods, electronic accessories are cheaper.

Cosmetics and Make-up products

Cosmetics, make-up and beauty products on the African market provides huge opportunities for sellers of cosmetics and make-up products. As income levels increase in the future, it is expected that more and more people will be able to afford cosmetics and make-up products. In addition, the current trend is to increase the consumption of cosmetics.

I see great potential in this field due to the following points: Africa’s population and income levels have increased at the same time. Many people are moving from a low-income level to a middle-income level.

This will increase the demand for cosmetics and beauty products. Cosmetic sales are very fast and fast-moving. They are durable and do not expire soon. They can be stored on the shelf for several years without any defects.

African investors have two options when entering the cosmetic industry. First, they can be the exclusive distributor of a well-known foreign company. This is the recommendation for the first few years.

Second, they can create their own brand of cosmetics. This option will provide them with greater flexibility, but keep in mind that the initial investment amount is much higher.

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