Top Investment Opportunities & Great Business Ideas To Start in Africa (part 7)

Mobile and Tower Crane Rental.

Mobile and tower cranes are used in many fields, such as construction projects, port operations, and factories. Due to their ease of use and practicality, telescopic cranes improve operating efficiency. Cranes and booms can be used for many projects and have economic advantages. You can consider buying a crane and renting it from the project owner.

Crane leasing business is not yet popular in Africa. However, due to the ongoing infrastructure projects, the demand is high. For investors, this is a less competitive business. Mobile cranes can be rented all year round. Depending on your leasing business strategy, you can rent just the crane, or both the crane and the operator. Sub-Saharan African companies can import high-quality Turkish cranes and lease them for projects in their country. It is a very profitable line of business and the investment is recovered in approximately 1 year.

Rental of Fixed and Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

Stationary and mobile concrete mixing plants provide necessary concrete for construction projects. Stationary concrete equipment is used for large and long-term projects. Mobile batching equipment is used for smaller projects and can be easily transported to different regions. Importing concrete plants and renting them out on national projects is a profitable business idea in Africa. In Africa, construction projects are not yet fully mechanized.

Having a concrete plant can bring cost and speed advantages to the project. The project developer is willing to pay a lot of money for these machines. Mobile concrete plants provide flexibility. They can be used in many areas and short-term projects. They will bring good rental income to African investors. African investors should consider becoming a concrete mixing plant distributor and rental agency. The developing construction industry in Africa will help these investors make huge profits.

Asphalt Pavement Contractor/ African Asphalt Pavement Contractor

Transportation infrastructure is very important to the economic development of African countries. The paved road network in Africa is under development. All African countries have new road construction projects. The local contractor is required to perform the asphalt paving operation. Angola recently allocated more than US $ 200 million for the development of new roads. Congo is considering building a new bridge over the Congo River. There are many other active road construction projects in Africa.

There are many government tenders for the construction of new asphalt pavements. In addition, the Development Banks and the International Development Organization support the development of Africa’s transportation network. Paving roads is a tricky business. It requires machinery, equipment, well-trained machine operators and asphalt raw materials. However, once these skills and machines are acquired, this is a very profitable and never-ending business.

African companies should carefully study the business of asphalt pavement construction. It is very important to cooperate with reliable machinery suppliers. Similarly, bitumen raw materials (asphalt) can be imported by the same company to increase profit margins.

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