Top Investment Opportunities & Great Business Ideas To Start in Africa (part 8)

Fashion, Apparel and Clothing

Clothing is an industry closely related to the economic growth of a country. In African countries, there is a strong demand for clothing and apparel, and there are not enough branded and reasonably priced clothing companies.

For African companies, this is a great opportunity. Find below the advantages of establishing an African fashion brand: African consumers are following trends and looking for higher quality textiles. Chinese textile products are cheap but of poor quality. European brands are of high quality, but they are very expensive in the mass market. Compared with other industries, clothing customization is easier. Your product can be customized with increased marginal costs.

You can build your brand with less capital investment and less inventory. African entrepreneurs should consider delivery time and product quality before investing in the industry. Fashion trends change very quickly and inventory needs to be updated regularly. The proximity of the factory to the retail market is very important.

Furthermore, the supply chain and logistics must not be interrupted. Finally, investors need to customize products according to market tastes according to the needs of consumers in African countries.

Agricultural Machinery Dealership

Agriculture is the most important economic activity in Africa. It provides employment opportunities for approximately two-thirds of the active population on the continent. On average, agriculture accounts for 30% to 60% of GDP and about 30% of the export value of African countries.

However, arable land only accounts for about 6% of the total land area in Africa. Farming is largely limited to subsistence farming and heavily dependent on an ineffective rotation system. However, with government policy, there is a trend of modern agriculture with technological equipment. Due to the following advantages, agricultural machinery and equipment dealers are a very profitable business:

The increase in population has created a greater demand for agricultural products. To meet demand, private investors and the government must increase investment in agriculture. In addition, international aid organizations promote modern and sustainable agricultural methods. They set aside funds to buy modern equipment.

Investors in African countries are exploring the possibility of importing modern agricultural machinery and equipment. Through distributors, companies can maintain inventory and sell goods on demand. The profit margin and order volume in this area are large.

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